2014-2015 Gitanyow Hereditary Chiefs Moose Harvest Monitoring and Permitting

For the 4th consecutive year the Gitanyow Hereditary Chiefs (GHC) implemented their Moose Monitoring and Permitting program. All moose hunters on Gitanyow Territory were required to obtain permission from the Chief of the Wilp Territory where they wished to hunt, and to carry with them an official permit from the Gitanyow Hereditary Chiefs Office.  This initiative is part of a broader Nass Moose Recovery program developed in response to a ~70% decline in the Nass moose population between 2001 and 2011.  

The GHC are working to rebuild the Nass moose population on several fronts. First is harvest management and monitoring. Gitanyow wildlife monitors patrolled Gitanyow Territory throughout the hunting season to monitor and ensure all moose hunting was documented and in accordance with regulations. Second, the GHC have developed a world-class land use plan with built-in legal protection of moose winter habitat through provincially recognized Ungulate Winter Ranges.  Moose habitat and travel corridors are also protected through mapped Forest Ecosystem Networks. In both these designated areas, industry such as forestry, power development or gas companies may be permitted to operate but only under set criteria. Third, the GHC are working closely with the BC Ministry of Transportation and industry to reduce highway roadkills of moose and other wildlife.  

It is expected that rebuilding of the moose population to levels experienced in the early 2000's may be possible but will obviously take time.  Stay tuned here as more progress is made on this important issue!