Where We Work - Gitanyow Traditional Territory

The Gitanyow Fisheries Authority primarily works within the Gitanyow  Traditional Territory (Lax Yip).  However, at times our work extends beyond those boundaries.  For example our fisheries team has conducted work on a consulting basis on a run-of-river hydroelectric project on Sedan Creek - located in Gitxsan Traditional Territory.  As well our technicians have been assisting Rescan Environmental Services Ltd. to collect baseline data at the site of the proposed Kerr-Sulpherets-Mitchell mining project, located just north of and in watersheds that flow into Gitanyow Territory.  The Gitanyow Territory includes large sections of 2 major watersheds - the Kitwanga and Nass Rivers.  It also includes significant sections of the upper Kispiox River in the Swan Lakes area, which is a tributary to the Skeena River.  While travelling north on Highway 37 from Kitwanga, B.C., you encounter the southern territory boundary at ~ 12 km, and the northern boundary at ~187 km, where the Bell-Irving River crosses the highway.  View the Gitanyow Territory map for a better look at the territory. 

Our office is located in the village of Gitanyow, which is located ~21 km north up Highway 37 from the Highway 16 and 37 junction at Kitwanga, B.C.  The blue placemarker on the map below shows our office location.  Click the Gitanyow Village icon below the map to enlarge and zoom in. 

View Gitanyow Village in a larger map